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Henri Haake was born in Lübeck in 1989. From 2010-2016 he studied at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and at Hunter College in New York City in 2013. Being mentored by Professor Robert Lucander, he graduated with a Meisterschüler diploma in 2016. Henri Haake lives and workes in Berlin, Germany. His works were shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions.


The beauty of the everyday and the ambivalence of ease and severity in life is the major topic in Henri Haakes works. In his artistic process he deals with questions like: what is the human?; what drives or burdens them?; and how is one socially intertwined with the environment? Daily observations in public places and in digital spheres as well as images of his own memory result in a variety of ideas and starting points. His various drawings and paintings unclose a world of memory and presence in which he surveys the irrevocable beauty of the everyday. In form and content Haake diverges between humoresque portrayal and melancholic subjects; however a peculiar energetic coloration emerges in all of his works. People are portrayed while pursuing ordinary activity. Oftentimes the figures seem to be cut or covert whereby they manage to skirt the recipient’s gaze. These cut-out’s and zoom-in’s remind us of smartphone images, quick photos that have been taken by accident or with delay. The interdependence of privacy and public is an occurrent theme in Haakes works whereby borders of evident insight and voyeuristic superficiality blur.


Henri Haakes paintings and drawings manifest a simple though deeply impenetrable construct of form, space and color - an antagonistic world of imagination and reality, haptic enjoyment and delight of the human: an ode to the simple beauty of everyday life. 



2016                 Knispel Preis für Malerei und Zeichnung

group exhibitions (selected)


2021                IN A MOMENT OF TIME, Ausstellung der                                             Jahresgaben, Kunstverein Arnsberg

2019                Haake - Poznanska, KM28, Berlin

                        WHAT'S LEFT FROM PARADISE, Rundgänger,                                     Frankfurt am Main

                        all out "small" closing, KWADRAT, Berlin

                        Kommunizierende Röhren, Salon René Holm, Berlin 

2018                Demi-gros, Save Gallery, Berlin

                        That´s all right mama, XXY-Raum für Kunst, Berlin

2017                Unexpectations 2 - Wo die Blumen sind, Atrium                                   Tower, Berlin

                        Warum bin ich eigentlich Deutscher,

                        Kunstverein Wiesen


2016                Berlin Masters, A3 Arndt Art Agency, Berlin

                        Meisterschülerausstellung, Universität der Künste,                             Berlin

                        Dialog der Residuen- Henri Haake & Jeewi Lee,                                 Galerie Villa Köppe, Berlin 

2015                _ndo, Museum Jorge Rando, Málaga

2014                Umwandlung, Quer-Gallery UDK, Berlin

2013                Open Studio, Hunter College, New York City

                        Nachschlag, Uferhallen Wedding, Berlin

2012                Berlin-London, Gutshaus Erlenbach, Zürich

solo exhibitions


2018                Panorama, Studio Dapontegasse, Wien

2012                Roter Rauch, Manzoni Schäper, Berlin

2010                Gleichzeitigkeit, Color Works, Lübeck