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Henri Haake was born in Lübeck in 1989. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin from 2010-2016 under Professor Robert Lucander, spent a semester at Hunter College in New York City in 2013, and graduated with a Meisterschüler diploma in 2016. Henri Haake lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His pieces have been shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In his paintings and drawings Henri Haake uses familiar motifs seen from unfamiliar perspectives. The depicted scenes are everyday – universal even and easily accessible to all. People are the central element in his works. But rather than placing them centre stage, he often has them on the edge of the canvas; sometimes their faces are cut off, or their eyes are closed, or only parts of their body are visible. More centred, Haake often shows objects such as the corner of a table, airplane seats or a tiger rug. These compositions allow viewers to notice the connections between things rather than the things themselves, as well as the act of painting itself, in terms of objects, space and colour.


Haake draws on personal memory, what he sees online and observations of everyday life. But he doesn’t translate this with exactitude. Instead, he arrives at his works circuitously through a process of experimentation and error. A closer look at the paintings’ surfaces reveals different layers of paint and old subjects that shimmer through. Once Haake feels a painted subject has failed, he paints over it. It’s a cycle of production and destruction that is very important as it allows him to have a playful approach to ideas and to balance the cerebral with the sensual. The colours are key as they convey palpable emotion and lure the viewer into seeing something they may feel but can’t quite name. A view of life now – not as a confrontational stare, but as a sideways glance.


The paintings capture that which is typically bypassed. The small, unremarked incidents of day-to-day existence and human behaviour. His pictures reflect the mood of his generation and emit the solitude or disconnectedness we can feel as we move through the world. They are playful, fluid and a bit sly, as well as contemplative and occasionally melancholic.



2016                 Knispel Preis für Malerei und Zeichnung

group exhibitions (selected)

2024                SHUDDER MORNINGS, Cabin, Berlin

2023                Another day at the office, OFFICE IMPART,


                        Dammi i colori, Sociedade Nacional de Belas

Artes, Lisboa

Enter Art Fair, OFFICE IMPART, Copenhagen

2022                GOING PLACES, Nicole Gnesa, Munich

2021                AT A MOMENT IN TIME, Kunstverein Arnsberg

solo exhibitions

2023                OMG, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin

2023                DREAMLINER, Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen

2022                Honey Lotion, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin

2018                Panorama, Studio Dapontegasse, Wien

2012                Roter Rauch, Manzoni Schäper, Berlin

2010                Gleichzeitigkeit, Color Works, Lübeck

group show, OFFICE IMPART, Berlin

2019                Haake - Poznanska, KM28, Berlin


Frankfurt am Main

all out "small" closing, KWADRAT, Berlin

Kommunizierende Röhren, Salon René Holm,


2018                Demi-gros, Save Gallery, Berlin

That´s all right mama, XXY-Raum für Kunst, Berlin

2017                Unexpectations 2 - Wo die Blumen sind, Atrium

Tower, Berlin

Warum bin ich eigentlich Deutscher,

Kunstverein Wiesen

2016                Berlin Masters, A3 Arndt Art Agency, Berlin

Meisterschülerausstellung, UdK, Berlin

Dialog der Residuen- Henri Haake & Jeewi Lee

Galerie Villa Köppe, Berlin

2015                _ndo, Museum Jorge Rando, Málaga

2014                Umwandlung, Quer-Gallery UDK, Berlin

2013                Open Studio, Hunter College, New York City

Nachschlag, Uferhallen Wedding, Berlin

2012                Berlin-London, Gutshaus Erlenbach, Zürich

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