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»Pläsier«   2020   oil on canvas   160x100cm



"Twister" is the first solo exhibition realized digitally on ARTLAND by OFFICE IMPART together with artist Henri Haake. In his painting, artist Henri Haake tries to catch the beauty of everyday situations and to unite the ambivalence of the lightness and severity of life. In his artistic process he deals with questions like: what does it mean being human?; what drives or burdens them?; and how is one socially intertwined with the environment? Daily observations in public places and in digital spheres as well as images of his own memory result in a variety of ideas and starting points for his paintings. In most of his works, Haake chooses sceneries at everyday places, where strangers come together to pursue a common activity: a laundry, a hairdresser’s shop, a bus stop or an escalator. His compositions, which often consist of cut-out’s or zoom-in’s, are reminiscent of smartphone images, quick photos that have been taken by accident or with a little delay. In Haake’s paintings we become part of supposedly ordinary, everyday and yet poetic encounters between strangers and experience the joy of being human.

»Aufwärts und Abwärts«   2020   oil on canvas   250x190cm

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